Linen Storage and Care

Storing Linen

Linen should be stored in a cupboard that allows for air circulation, as linen is subject to mildew. It should be stored away from direct heat. Do not put damp linen in a plastic bag, as it will trap moisture. Do not store linen in a cedar chest, as the cedar oil vapor will damage the linen. Proper linen storage is important to avoid damage from moths and insects. If your linens have small holes in them, insect damage is the likely culprit. Linen should be stored with a lavender sachet, as lavender is a natural moth and insect repellent.

Stains should be treated immediately for the best result.


Rub the stained area with glycerin. This loosens the grease before applying liquid shampoo. After 15 minutes rinse and, if the stain is still present, pour boiling water through the area.


Prior to washing altar linens, soak immediately in cold water, then apply glycerin and rinse with cold water. Next, rinse the cloth with vinegar and rub with a liquid detergent. Wait fifteen minutes before rinsing again. A little salt paste can be added at the end before rinsing. If the stain is old, try using club soda.

Washing Altar Linens

Linen Storage and Care
Altar linens should be washed in hot water and left to dry naturally. Do not dry linen in the dryer. Never use bleach on linen, as it will damage the fiber. Use an oxygen-type cleaner instead. Linen can be ironed when slightly damp, and such takes a lot of the hard work out of ironing linen. If the linen is too dry, then spray it down with water from a sprayer bottle. This will relax the fiber, making it easier to iron. Never iron a fold into a linen. Always place a fold with the fingertips. Ironing in a fold will damage and eventually tear the linen.

How to Wash, Iron and Store Altar Linens

A PDF booklet with information on how to washing altar linens, ironing, and storing Altar Linens is included with any purchase. After your purchase you will receive a link with the Order Confirmation.

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