Embroidery Gallery

This page shows both the large and small embroidery designs. Please note that only the small cross designs are suitable for all linens. The designs are completed in WHITE thread but are shown in blue to make viewing easier.


Large Crosses

These designs are suitable for Fair Linens, Credence Linens, Palls, and Corporals.

IHC Alpha and Omega
IHS Traditional IHS Contemporary
Plain Linen
No Embroidery      

Small Crosses

These designs are suitable for all linens, except Baptismal Towels.

Botonnee Breton Canterbury Celtic
Chartes Greek Filled Greek Open Jerusalem
Latin Contemporary Latin Traditional Lily Neville
Normandie Patonce St. Cuthbert St.Hilda
Plain Linen
Wessex Baptismal Shell No Embroidery  

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